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Today was dumb.

It started out good, meaning we got to play games in a class, but then  it turned sour when a utilitarian teacher wanted to assert his control over me, sending security guards out after 7 min. in the bathroom.

Thats right.

7 min.



And calling my parents, and my counselor was not necessary.

But things were good when I apologized, and my mom took me out for ice cream.

I have a sore throat.

Just wanted to let ya know.

Couldn’t get a drink of water, because of that same teacher.

But I was the only one to finish the math test.

Yea me! (quote from…, who knows it?, speak up!)

Ok, I would never say that, just seeing if you are awake.

Or alive.


I ran hard all week long.

Coach tried to kill us with core.

He didn’t, we win.

Still will never have six-pack.

No matter HOW much core I do.


But, I will always have awesome legs .=)

The end.

Of this post.

I have no more to write today.


(btw, that is how I am ending all of my posts. =)


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