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Stake Conference, Part 2

Ok, so I guess I might be posting on this whenever I feel like it, and you better deal with it. Today was the everybody stake conference, and I went. It was interesting, I learned about gratitude, flattitude, and about passing notes in church attitude. I do not condone the last 2 behaviors, but I still let them happen because who’s to say I’m in charge, I’m just an almost-college-kid. I will talk about the gratitude last because I want to get the funny stuff out of the way. Hhaa, the flattitude. Partially I just said this so it would rhyme with gratitude, partially because there is a story behind this. My family was late to the meeting, so of course we weren’t sitting together. My dad volunteered to take my sisters, and my mom and I sat in the way back. I heard from my sisters that my dad and them were trying to get to a bundle of seats in the VERY middle of the pack. My sisters, being little 13 year-olds, were afraid to sit by anyone else. (And I am still trying to understand that because believe me, they do NOT act like that at home). My dad, being the moderately large and nice dad that he is, starts to squeeze himself in between 2 rows spaced about a foot apart. As the story goes, there needed to be 2 ladies, I behind, and one in front of him. As he was trying to get through, he was using the ladie’s chair in front of him to balance. Well, in the process, he nearly knocked that ladie’s chair to the ground, and almost fell on the lap of the other lady. All because my sisters were afraid. Hhaha. We had a hoot making fun of him on the way home. What if he actually had fell in her lap. “Well, hello there miss, how are you enjoying the talk?”. Or even better yet (IDK if it is better, but definitely more funny), if he had broken her leg, and the ambulance had to come. [notice how I said more funny instead of funnier. Yea! One grammar point for me … versus probably 10000 negative points. A girl can try, right]. Long story short with the notes: this girl about my sisters age (maybe older), in our ward, started passing me notes during the talk. It just said something like you are awesome, but it woke me up, and I was able to pay attention through the rest of the meeting, so that was legit.

Oh, and the gratitude was a good talk. I am not going to put the notes on right now, but I did get some good notes from that talk. (and some good doodles too). 😉





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