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Sarah Palin is thinking of running for president.


Ok, so I don’t think I know everything about politics, but I do know some stuff.

I know how people think, and what gets a person elected, I have read countless articles about that specific topic.

Unfortunately, it is whatever relates to them.

No, not on ideas (something many americans seem to be short of), but on looks, appearance, gender, religion, and all those other things that make the artificial and substantial part of a persons background.

I am guilty of this sometimes, I would vote republican, just because the person was republican. But now  know my foible. I need to read each and every issue and decide what it means to me. Religion, I am partial towards someone who is of mine (isn’t everyone) but  know someone from a different religion can know truths also. Gender, I don’t care. Obviously, it would be interesting to see a woman president, but I don’t think America is ready for that yet. I am all for women’s right’s, but not at the expense of a country. Looks, I could care less, same for race.

Why shouldn’t Palin be president?:

She is  woman, and there is not enough of a conservative woman base to support her run. Especially with all her tv appearances, people might think she is dumb. Furthermore, they go with whoever is the better speaker. Until we can find a candidate that is republican with conservative ideas (I am not saying Cain, he has MANY liberal ideas) , with good speaking skills, and enough of a base…we are going to have a crappy country run by crappy presidents like Obama.

Great, that is JUST the country I was looking for when I turned 18 and was excited to vote [!]

(For future reference [!] means sarcasm)


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