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I am so sad…for today I don’t get to see Harry Potter.

Yes me, one of the biggest fans, read all the books, talked about it for days…doesn’t get to see the movie.

I called up, facebooked, and talked to all my friends that I would feel comfortable enough to ask if I could tag along…no luck…they already have “plans”, boyfriends, or only 1 extra ticket.

I suppose I could look at it in a good light…Oh wait, that isn’t possible, it is Harry Potter, one of the most amazing things EVER.

I didn’t get any solace on Facebook, and I don’t imagine that I will get any here. Yet, I still write it.

Why? I am VERY sad.

I know it is not the end of my  life, but it feels like it.]

So I am here to inform you, you invisible and lonely reader that I am going to spend my time doing homework.

Something I swear off on normal days until the 5 last minutes of my mornings, I will be doing on my free time.

This is a sad story, and if you cry, I won’t tell anyone, heck, I might cry myself. (jk, I DON’T cry). But I will depressed.

That is why I am hoping you will “mourn with those who mourn”, jk, but if you read this, you already feel my pain.


The girls who didn’t get to see Harry Potter and broke the family tradition.


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