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Another day happened!

I had a day today.

It was a day.

I will explain it to you, ok?


I woke up (at 8:45)  with everything ready (the night before) for me (except for lunch).

Yet, I was still almost late (but not, hurray!)

I got to English, and all we were doing was editing essays. I had already edited my essay, so I had absolutely NOTHING to do.

So I surfed 1000awesomethings.com

and worked on my math class.

Then I saw a classmate having the teacher edited his paper.

When I asked, nope.

She said it was because I was a better writer. (hahaha, jk, I am excellent)

That was totally fair [!]

Sign language went much better.

We finger-spelled words (and I got a friend partner, score! It was hilarious) to our partners.

Then we got to talk to each other as long as we signed everything which was so funny!


YES. I EAT BIG BIG BOWL OF ICE CREAM  (mimics getting a giant bowl of ice cream and just digging right into it, haha)

There were a lot of other funny things, but you get the point.

Afterwards, I went to math.

This, I admit was horrible at the beginning, and was AWESOME at the end.

I’ll scurry through the bad part, and get to the juicy part.

I came in to get my homework done, and I didn’t, so we lost our two-day privilege.

Now, the good part.

I felt like I wasn’t understanding anything.

I swore to understand the memory table (despite how hard everybody made it seem).

As I was making up memory cues, I noticed a pattern.

I suddenly felt like a genius!

Being the generous person I am, I wanted to tell everyone in the class about it.

Well, one of the kids in my class,l who sits by me, and is in class at lunch everyday with me, gave me this hateful stare.

I mean it was a really nasty glare.

He said “You better NOT tell  anyone in he class!!! I had to suffer through this, and I want EVERYONE else to feel my pain.”

The reason this was so funny is that he CONSTANTLY made other suffer through his annoying remarks and etc.

However, I felt like being charitable (and not going through heck) so I just laughed at him while he just glared and warned me.

Pretty much made my day AWESOME!!!

Not much happened in seminary.

In PE, coach called me Cariss. So I am assuming 2 things. He is either happy I was running fast, or he was trying to guilt me into doing track. Either way, it still felt good for him to call me Cariss for one of the last times.

(If you didn’t know, Cariss is my fast runner name).

I had spaghetti, I know, it rocks.

The end.

(Until tomorrow).


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