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I haven’t written for a few days, I’m not sorry, I;m just lazy.

On thanksgiving, I did the turkey trot, and let me say, it was epic.

(I think In already wrote about that I think, but just the times).

I beat a few of the varsity girls of our team, unfortunately, I didn’t beats others, so I didn’t get in the top 3. (5th, but still, ok)

We came back, I ate some food, got ready, and felt sick at Aunt Kalets.

I got harassed for being vegetarian (I should have prepared myself more) and I got shrugged it off.

I got to push adalynn in a stroller, and sang to her.(except this one lady gave me a weird look, as if ady was mine, hahah, weird)

I came back and played on the computer.

Then the next day, we woke up at nine.

Yes, I know. That is WAYYYYY to early for a teenager. But, there was good reason. We were to go shopping.

We went to jcpennys and my sister got annoyed that I have the same shirt as her. Then I thought ‘shouldn’ I be annoyed because I thought it was cute and she copied my fashion sense?’

Before it got into a big debate, my mom squandered it. (I know you love my vocabulary)

I saw my english teacher there, but she rushed past.

We went past some food courts, and they were passing out free food. I, being the devoted vegetarian I am, could not eat any of it. We were all hungry, but now I was the hungriest.

I got chicken soup for the runners soul!!! (For christmas…of course)

The the rest of the day is bla bla bla (hint, I cannot remember it even thought it was yesterday).

Except, I ONLY ran 2.5 miles for recovery.

I have an excuse though…it stank of fish anywhere near this one house that i ran by.

Sick, and sore, I retired home, and ate more potatoes.



Good day.

(That means bye)


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