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Ok, well today, I don’t really know how t describe it (oh, and sorry for being off for a few days, I might catch up on that…maybe)

Without a shower (because I didn’t need one, and it is not gross, I might miss a shower once a year, NO BIG!).

My half-awake-self scurried to make a sandwich and get to school where I had 3 assignments (for one class) due in about 10 minutes.

I forgot my chips, squashed my feet into knee-high, uncomfortable, black boots, and frantically rushed out the (garage) door, without breakfast.

As I rode my bike into the school lot, all I could think about was the assignments I had not completed, and had 10 minutes to finish.

Thankfully,  I had arrived when there were NO buses (hahah, my luck) or people.

I forced my bike into a row with its family, tied a chain around its leg, a searched for my article to read, in my scattered backpack.

Then I retrieved it.

I did it.

I began reading at a leisurely pace as I was strolling to my classroom (5 min. early).

I plopped my butt on the floor, and began reading like a mad-woman.

The bell rang JUST in time for me to finish it (except for one page).

I scribbled out an article analysis on my paper as the passing period happened.

Before I could even react, my teacher was firing off words (about turning in assignment…which I hadn’t done) like a torpedo on a ship.

I scrawled a few words, and forgave my teacher for ignoring my request to present because of unfortunate circumstances of being confused with the assignment. *

Then, what was even worse, I realized that those few words, would not save me.

Joyous [!]

I think I now have a B in English, that is just superlicious** [!]

My teacher, now hurrying through the article analysis, made the one assignment I had finished, look like crap. (thankfully not in front of the class).

To make the situation even more terrible than it already was, she kept us pass the bell.

I, in my uncomfortable, 5-in. heel-boots, practically had to run to my sign language class, to stay out of trouble.

Sign language is a different story, I got to talk with my friends, and Preston gave me skittles.

Yea! I had  breakfast.***

I was able to chat with my friends most of the time, and I actually was happy.

Something extraordinary happened in math though…I finished my homework at lunch.

Yes, I had accomplished something worth of recognition.

Also, I was able to do the problems on the board!


I understood the topic of the lesson today PERFECTLY, and I laughed and joked with my classmates..in short…it was awesome.

Seminary was so short, I filled out the board, and stuff happened.

The only negative thing about that class WE ONLY HAVE 2 MORE WEEKS IN THERE.

I think I might cry when it ends.*****

The MOST AMAZING seminary class EVER…will be missed.

I went to cross-country, ran, you know…and go a topic for my paper.

“The wealth of a nation is the citizen education”


“The key to a wealthy nation is every citizen an education”

Either way..I think it will be legit.

Summary of cross-I ran, found a topic, went to the bathroom, ran strides when all the fast people were, and told coach my time on the turkey trot.

I told coach, and he said good job…lucky, he didn’t bite my head off.******

I came home, ate like 10 rolls, found out that I didn’t make it into the Easter Pageant, played Family Feud, Lay in bed (because I felt sick)*******, found out that I made it into BYU-Idaho, and ruined my Trig class.********

The end

*I may or may not have forgiven her, but this was a good way to vent

**Refer to the word above it to find the meaning of Superlicious

***Breakfast is not normally only three skittles and is not a balanced part of a nutritious breakfast

****I did not actually score any goals, games, or points…but that would be legit if I did (which reminds me of the game we are going to play in precalc for hw passes and such…I BETTER score on that).

*****Like I said, I don’t cry, but I will be EXTREMELY sad because that is the most legit class I have EVER been in…seriously

******Which I am wondering why someone would bite another person’s head off right now…it doesn’t sound like the most delicious or convenient part of the body to bite.

*******Because of the rolls I ate before

********Ruined means I have a B. a B!!!!!! My life is over…

Today was a mixed day.

Bye now!!!


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