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Today, again, wow

So, I write weirdly.

Ok, I just had to say that because I just read some of my old posts.

I woke up today and I was in the crappiest moods of my life.

Well yesterday, it sucked, especially math…but today was BETTER (I think because I prayed for help, and I am SO grateful for that).

Seriously though, I was groggy, tired (i stayed u until 2 to postpone tomorrow coming…didn’t work), and in a bad mood.

That meant (in mom language) GET ON MY CASE.

I wanted to skip (it was a late day anyways), but I decided to go just because I was going to talk to my bff about the math situation. (I even wrote it on my hand yesterday to remember).

Being late, though, didn’t matter to me…it DID to my mom (and my dad, after she called him up @ work to tell him).

My teacher, he doesn’t care: you just have to stand in the back of the classroom if you are late x5min, WOW that is the hardest punishment.

Apparently though, my mom thinks I will do that in college if I do it now. I probably won’t, but I am graduating this year, I need to be rebellious a little bit.

After a good 15 or 20 min. of being screamed @, I got off to school, and ate a banana along the way.

The top half broke off, but I vowed to have a medium day already (see previous post) so I was grateful for what was left of it.

I got to class in a bad mood, and someone else pointed that “even she (my name) was late” coolio. I’m the example, and I have worked hard for it in that class. Yesterday, my teacher said that I was the only one who participates, and that is kinda true.

We had notes and whatever, I actually don’t really remember @ 11:36 @ night, wow, my memory.

Seminary was cool, it was semi-spiritual. I shared a experience about my grandpa giving me a blessing while my dad was away. It was pretty cool.

We listened to the Kirtland temple dedication, and I worked SO hard to pay attention. My teacher said that we would need endurance, and I knew it was a challenge (ok, so not in the sense of the word that I take it, but whatever).

ASl was good.

My friend said she would talk to me, and my teacher let me move to the front so I could see the vocab words.

Then she made fun of one of the stuco kids (not meanly, just as a joke but it was kinda funny 😉

My friend told me to just be confident and don’t be shy, and it worked somehow.

I went to my math class (because I always work on my hw during lunch), and I was confident.

I got a piece of paper, and I was pwning people in math, it was legit.

I mean, the guy didn’t sit by me, but I’m kinda happy about that….I didn’t feel awkward anymore.

Then I kinda blew senior ditch day, I know, that’s how stupid I am, but whatever, I am gonna convince my mom one of these days….or fake sick…or something (I’m thinking, missing half days…me like…weird, ahaha, I like it!)

Brit lit went good, I found out that I could eat liquerish. Yea, I just butchered that.

I went home being happy (can’t remember again, for some specific reason).

Home was kinda heck today…sorry, but I am just being blunt.

I wanted something to eat, but Idk what.

I saw spinach and strawberries in the fridge. I thought it would be cool to make this one really yummy, sugary, easy recipe with it…but my mom freaked @ me again.

She said that she wasn’t going to buy specialty food, and implied that I shouldn’t be vegan (which I am not, yet, I still like dairy).

She left to pick up my sisters, and I looked in the fridge.



10 small ones.

So, I was ravenously hungry (because that is how vegans roll, jk, no, I just was) and started eating. After about 5 I noticed that they tasted a little weird.

I had  A HEART ATTACK, and dialed my mom’s cell # like I was calling the police to inform of a bomb.

Then she got all up in my face about it when I freaked out, gave me a false alert, and told me they were fine.

I ate a bunch, and went to my room to chill because everyone was mad @ me because of this “incident”:

I went out to get the mail, totally normal.

I am very OCD in the fact that I need to pass by people on certain sides and my little sisters know that it drives me crazy.

I mean, I literally feel like I am heavier on one side if I don’t pass on the right side.

She went side to side in front of the door, and then blocked me.

Well if ya wanna play, then I moved her out of the way….to my mom I beat her up, to my sister I was immature, to me I was pushing her out of my way AFTER she knew that I was going in and we were playing.

I took a 2 hour nap, and my stomach was still recoiling from eating a bunch of potatoes.

I went to mutual (I usually don’t normally, because I ran on Monday (my cross-train days), I had to cross-train today, so I thought “what the heck, why not”).

At first my mom was happy that I wanted to go, then she was mad that I didn’t plan and nagged me.

I went and played volleyball.

I can’t play that game/ aside from serving….I can do that.

I made a giant M for MVT in the sand, got really sandy and drove home with one of teh leaders.

I came home and ate 2 more potatoes and a bunch of licorice. (Ha!, right!)


Ugh, I felt awful.

I biked for 20:02 min. @ a 7/ 10 level and jump-roped 200 jumps and stair-jumped 100 times.

My dad yelled @ me because I was too noisy.

I did mean to do some core, but tomorrow is a fast day, so I want to stall that.

Oh, and YEA!


I RUN 14 miles.

I mean my teacher who is similarly training for a marathon ran 15 last sat., but he couldn’t run for 5 days because of it (he isn’t following a training plan it’s stupid, but he say’s that I say that just because I am a good runner….whatever, he’s gonna injure himself and I am so beating whatever time he gets) Which reminds me, I need to see what one of the girls from xc got on her marathon, and beat it. We were neck-and-neck in xc, and I want SO badly to beat her because distance is my thing. Gotta find out.

Anyways, I gotta sleep today, and it is almost Midnight….did I say almost…I meant 12:01.

Nighty night.

Wow, weird goodbye.



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