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So, if i am correct, I don;t have that much to say.

Hold up, (i changed it from wait a minute…yay!) did I say IF I WAS CORRECT, ON MY BLOG.

Even I think I can be wrong apparently.

Haha, I kinda just feel like typing (Even though it hurts on this computer).

I am listening to my brother’s recording from his mission.



Makes me want to go on a mission.


I will NEVER be able to spell that word…ever.

It is sad.

I am going to be emo about spelling now.

If you can’t see. (then you probably aren’t reading this blog right now, SEEing as you wouldn’t have the use of your eyes)

No, I like being random, and whatever,

It is fun.

This is gonna haunt me in 20 years.






See, now I am bored.

Ok, I want to stop.

For reals.

Bye…for now.


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