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What is my image

Ok, so I am reading this book called “how to make anyone fall in love with you”, no I didn’t pay for it (it was free from a google search), but it is actually worth some time and some money (if they would have protected it better).

Not only does it make accurate analysis of situations and how to handle them in a way that would make someone love you, but it also makes you think about humans and yourself really deeply.

As I was reading a chapter about fostering your “quarry’s” (goal person) self-image through compliments, I started wondering about my own.

I have MANY labels: Artist, Mormon, runner, smart student, vegetarian, internet-addicte (haha, that would be really creative if they could make a compliment for that, or the inverse), girl, sister, daughter, etc, etc.

But I wonder, which one would make me fall in love a person. When I was younger, I used to get a lot of compliments because I would go above and beyond. Now that only happens sometimes because a lot of people my age already have relationships (doh! should have been more perceptive).

For reals though, I want to figure out what is my main identity, because I don’t think i have one. Maybe I haven’t fallen in love (0r even had a boyfriend) is because I can’t figure out my own.

Each of them are almost codependent, like being vegetarian makes me more likely to be a runner, being a good student helps me in my church, being an artist helps me be a good student (and also makes it harder), but to be vegetarian is to be an artist with your diet.

See how if I lose one, I lose the other?

Yet, that is not the issue at hand, I want to know which one I like? Of course I am an egotistical female who enjoys all sorts of compliments, but what would make me fall for a guy. (Hey, I gotta figure it out in me before I try to in a guy)

I am legitimately asking myself this question.

As a runner, I get complimented on the distances I run, the speed I run, and my commitment (and sometimes how in shape I am I.E. my legs are really muscly or something)

As an artist, obviously that my art is pretty or that I am creative, or how long I spent on something.

As a vegetarian, how hard that would be, and how committed I am.

As a student, how smart I am.

My thing is, since I have heard these before, even though they were way in the past, I am used to them.

Is that bad or something, I just don’t think they are creative.

they are definitely nice, but not my self-image that I want to support, because I feel like i already have a rapport.

I am going to ponder it out and publish later my ideas.

This is really troubling me.


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