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I really should have taken the time to reply to one of my good friends on WP, but that would have taken too long.

Anyways, it was just  push to write this, but it is such a momentous occasion, it needed documentation.

I am running 20 miles today.

I know, there are 100’s of blogs that talk about this, but I think every runner is unique in their approach to the 20- mile run.

This is mine:

I want a 10 minute pace.


Maybe just a little, but that will not hold me back from trying.

Today is the day that I am supposed to hit the wall.

But I am not going to

(Well, physically, I already hit the wall mentally on my 18 miler last week, I was a little out of it) 😉

So, I run @ 7 pm, that is pretty early for me.

Nevertheless, it is doable.

Yesterday I read about association and disassociation, internal and external.

I am going to try all 4 techniques.

But most of all: I am going to psyche myself up and sprint on the last few miles.

I did that last time.

Without even reading it.

I was born to run this. 😀

Still, I am scared, just because it is such a big run.

That isn’t going to scare me though.

It’s only 2 miles longer.

Psh, I can run that in my sleep.

I am so ready, and I am sitting @ T minus 1 hour 11 minutes and 40 seconds.

My family is over here.

They probably think I am stupid for staying home instead of going to my cousins performance.

I am not.

I needed that time to myself to recharge and prepare.

It was important.

Also, when I go back to school on Monday (I meant if, not when)…..

the other kids will think I am weird for not going to prom.

And maybe I should have put some effort into finding a group to go with.

I thought about it though.

Unless a guy asked me, I didn’t want to sacrifice for it.

Spend a bunch of money to hang out with friends (not a date) and miss an important training run, or miss prom and run an amazing run.

I chose the latter.

I know, but whatever.

I felt bad that a guy didn’t ask me, but now I can see that I have the opportunity to do my run as planned and continue on schedule (no matter how painfully it is for me socially).

Back to topic.

20 miles.



But it’s happening.

It’s happening in style.

It is happening today and in 2 weeks. (actually, maybe 22 in 2, haven;t decided)

I am not going to hit the wall today.

I have fruit roll-ups, lays potato chips, and 4 waterbottles.

Can you say….prepared.

Speaking of being prepared, I gotta go, I am @ T minus 1 hour 5 minutes and 45 seconds.

Gotta set everything out on the course by means of a bike.

Hope my parents don’t bug me to start now.

I am ready to go when I have planned for.



(Hint, hint: good luck 😉


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