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My run

Today’s run was pretty chill…I have to admit.

It started out with me wanting to know where Burger King was.

I knew it was along a highway of some sorts….so I just followed my gut instinct.

To get to that highway, I had to travel ti the top of the school.

Not that I hadn’t before; I just wasn’t expecting a crowd of people to come out.

Apparently today was the General Relief Society Broadcast.

Hmm, would have been go to go to.

Blaming my roommates seemed to work and I awkwardly ran in my direction explaining my annoyance with my new enemies to myself, out-loud.

Once I got past there and near the streets of Rexburg: I realized my need to pee.

Darting along the street and opening a door to a random laundry room seemed to work: because I found a bathroom and went back on my way.

At first it was a familiar path, for I had endeavored that way previously.

However, last time, I didn’t have my phone and it was almost midnight.

I had my phone this time.

As well as a light and a starting time of around 7 or 8 pm.

Darkness arrived anyways and I just kept jogging along.

There was another runner, so I decide to stick with them for as long as they were going my direction.

Turns out, they were actually younger than I was and went to my university.

That was quite a surprise.

Soon I passed by the previous turning point and knew I was all-in.

We went past two stoplights. (Stoplights out here are about 1/2 a mile away instead of being a block away like in cities)

Then he said he head to go a different direction, so I bid farewell.

At least it was someone to run with for a short time.

There was a giant storehouse with a field and a fence beside it.

Something about fields and fences signal that there is animals there and animals might eat me.

Or at least, that’s what my “rational” mind would say when it’s pitch black and I am running alone alongside a highway.

Yet, I pressed myself (against my will) to continue on.

When I started to see less and less cars and lights, my mind clicked: I was lost.

My solution?

Well, I had always wanted to hitchhike, and I *was* at a fork in the road.

20 or 30 cars passed by, I think about 1/2 of them saw me.

I asked the car and the people said I was headed along Yellowstone Highway.

Since that wasn’t my goal today; I wasn’t planning to do an ultramarathon; I tried to run along the adjacent highway.

That plan went awry when:  randomly shined the light into some strangers car and freaked them out;  saw that there was a landscaping warehouse and a bunch of chicken feathers in the parking lot; and sprinted out from the sound of  a barking dog.

Fully planning on turning around and just going home, I achieved my goal.

Placed beneath the Chevron logo, shining with a fluorescent glow, and standing amongst the sky like a beacon of hope.

Too bad I forgot my wallet.

I went anyways so I could use the bathroom.

Turns out I was only 2.5 miles from the school; Nevertheless, they were wrong about the original direction I went.

My runner’s sense said it was 3/3.5 miles.

They were talking about the direction I was soon to go on a whim.

Ah, yes: the turn-off towards the temple.

At first, there were cars and I was fine.

I could see the temple, I must be going in the correct direction.

That thought left my mine when I was among fields and more fields.

The scary thing was the fences.

Imagine wanting to run on the road rather than the sidewalk.

Now come run in my shoes.

The worst part was when there was two run-down houses.

I saw one had it’s lights on, so I ventured over there just to find out if I had gone the correct direction.

Turns out: I was right. 🙂

Still didn’t change the fact of how scary the lat part was.

Ebony sky dotted with mini-stars…cloaking my point of view, long road winding up a foreboding hill, not a soul to be seen aside from the rare car that passed by, a void of noise except for the  whispering wind cautioning me as I passed the forever fields, and a faint glow along the horizon.

It truly felt like I was at the edge of the world.

Each step dragged on as I went against every instinct in my human and animalistic self to push forwards.

Somehow I survived.

Maybe it was the fact that the temple was always (if only a millimeter at some times) in my sight, or maybe it was just a hope that I wasn’t going to give up before I reached some type of high point.

Adventure was still out to get me in terms: as I had a spaz attack from seeing  an object that looked like a snake.

That which consisted of me yelling “Holy Frig” and then sprinting away.

Alas: the top of the hill.

After almost 2 hours of running (or should I say 1.5 hours running and .5 hours trying to get my bearings).

I sprinted into my apartment exactly after the 2 hour mark and I started to recollect.

That was a pretty good run. 🙂


That was a pretty good adventure. 🙂


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  1. Viktor said:

    Wow, thats a pretty long adventure! I can’t understand how you managed to remember all the details 😛

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