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writing again, ha

So, I’m gonna try writing again.

Like it’s gonna work. :eyeroll: but I’ll give it an honest shot.

Why? I have no freaking clue. Maybe I just want to laugh at myself in the future.

Yes, that is it.

Anyways, I shall give you a VERY brief background:

Went to college, had a serious boyfriend (from the internet who flew out to meet me and I got my first kiss), was 2nd fastest on my xc team, got good grades – 2 months

had 2 meltdowns, didn’t clean up my messes enough, evil roommates, insomina, stress- 2 months

got ripped out of college, my boyfriend who said he would love me forever broke-up with me(of 4 months), didn’t run for 13 days because of an injury  -2 weeks

Now I am: applying for jobs (got turned down from kmart already) , seeing doctors and therapists, using my internet friends to try and recover from depression, am addicted to the internet, have depression, and am working out at the gym more often. – 1 week

I think that is a good update on my life.

I’ll go into another post to explain today and a little bit of yesterday (yes, I am that ocd, and no, I don’t care).

Good day sir!

(Formally known as the end, but we all know I can’t be normal…then I wouldn’t be me)


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